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Julio 2015

Jean Claude Icart

Montréal, le 19 juin 1990


From the bottom of my heart

and on behalf of the Haitian community living in Montreal,

I thank you

For he youth of our community

faced with unemployment and racism which often results in delincuency,

For the exploited masses of my home country

Haiti, the world’s first black republic,

I thank you.

Thank you for being who you are and what you are

for all that you are doing

for all that you represent.

Today is a very great day

For you have given us this extraordinary opportunity

to see you and to hear you,

to tell you aloud and face to face

that your struggle is our struggle

and that we will strive never to disappoint you.

We know that beyond mountains,

there are yet more mountains.

But nothing nor anyone will succeed in stopping

this long march towards freedom, equality, respect for the human person

and acceptance of diversity.

Nothing nor anyone will impede this great enterprise

which is nothing less than the humanization of humanity.

No compromise is possible

when human dignity is at stake.

Mesi anpil

for we really need you

and truly love you.

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